Menopause Support in and out of the Workplace

  • Menopause Support in and out of the Workplace is a new government funded Project which will help people with menopausal health issues to remain in or return to the workforce.
  • BVSC has formed a partnership with DRC (Disability Resource Centre) and Salus Fatigue Foundation to provide free support to the citizens of Birmingham and Solihull by engaging with both individuals in the community, and small or medium sized enterprise employers.
  • Community workshops, organisational policy guidance, training for workplace champions and community volunteers, quarterly events with key note speakers are being planned to cover a wide range of menopause topics.
  • These webpages will be updated with news, events, and resources as the Project develops over the next two years.  
  • Survey – we are compiling a baseline survey to find out what the citizens of Birmingham know about peri- and post- menopause – please help us find out what you know and share it with the Department of Health and the NHS

Menopause Support - Navigating the NHS and Self-care Tips - 27/11/23