Volunteer Independent Visitors for NYAS


An Independent Visitor (IV) is an adult volunteer who befriends and develops a long-term friendship with a young person in care.

This can involve helping young people develop new interests, skills and hobbies or going on outings such as to the cinema, bowling or just a walk in the park.

The volunteers are called ‘Independent Visitors’ because they are a truly ‘independent’ person outside the care system giving the young person continuity, which is something not always possible with changing carers and social workers.

Each volunteer is carefully matched with a child or young person in care in their local area who shares similar interests.

You will need to be able to spare a few hours once a month (generally at the weekend) to spend with the young person you are matched with. Its very rewarding and you can make a difference.

For more information and to apply please go to the NYAS website, www.nyas.net