The Cost of Living Emergency -  Save the Date for a Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector event!

  • A Cost of Living Emergency has been declared in Birmingham
  • The Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector organisations providing vital services are facing both increased demand and rising costs
  • BVSC and Barrow Cadbury Trust are planning a Cost of Living event for the sector on 1 November – save the date!
  • Call out for support for the event

A cost of living emergency has been declared in Birmingham.

As with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector are at the frontline in supporting people through the crisis. Everyone is affected to some degree, however it is those that the sector works with, particularly some of the most disadvantaged people who are already struggling to make ends meet, who will be hit the hardest.

Whilst facing increased service demand, sector organisations are also facing rising costs and an associated impact on their employees, volunteers, funding and service provision.

What more can VCFSE organisations do to tackle the growing emergency?

BVSC is bringing the sector together to collaborate on the crisis through a Cost of Living event. Participants will be enabled to share experience, plans and ideas to support their communities. The whole day event, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, will take place on 1 November, venue and details to be confirmed.  Please save the date!

The event will include speakers on Cost of Living topics, workshop discussions and action planning.  The draft agenda (still in development) includes:

  • Employment and Volunteering - recruitment/retention and wellbeing of staff and volunteers. How can adopting a Real Living Wage help?
  • Finance and Funding – what finance and funding is available to support both individuals and organisations through the crisis and how can we best use available resources?
  • Food Poverty – many households are struggling to get food on the table. How can the sector best help?
  • Utilities - Fuel/ Water/ Digital Poverty – the rising cost of energy is a major driver of the crisis, though there is also a related impact on the cost of other utilities. What measures can the sector take to tackle this both for their beneficiaries and organisations?
  • Housing Poverty – many families are facing homelessness this winter. What can be done to support them? What impact will this have on sector Housing providers?
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - how are different groups being disproportionately affected by the rising Cost of Living and how can we prevent people falling through the net?
  • Community Impacts- what are the wider community impacts (e.g. community facilities; crime and community safety; health & wellbeing) and what can we do to mitigate these?

Can you provide any support for this event? We would appreciate any comments or contributions including any evidence on how the crisis is affecting your organisation and its beneficiaries. Please let us know what action your organisation is taking, and is planning to take, in response to the emergency- contact Elizabeth Goodchild, Strategic Partnership Manager at [email protected]