Community Development Practice Hub

Community Development Practice Hub

The Community Development Practice Hub is a resource for people and organisations who ‘work with’ people in Birmingham so they can take collective action to make changes to things that are important to them and their communities. 

We aim to connect, inspire and upskill community development practitioners across Birmingham.

Come join us on this exciting journey, as we collaborate with the sector to offer a tailored approach with a focus on Birmingham-specific learning, challenges, and achievements.  

A simple and memorable model that offers a very flexible process for using Reflective Practice, and especially for getting started and experimenting with the concept. 

By answering three simple questions, you can begin to analyse experiences and learn from them.

By answering three simple questions, you can begin to analyse experiences and learn from them.

  1. What?

    First describe an event or action. The context is important, to describe a full picture of what the situation or experience was like. Think about What happened? What was your role and what did you do? Was anyone else involved? Was the experience positive or negative, neither or both, and why?
  2. So What?

    What was learnt from the experience? What does this tell me about myself, my practice, my organisation, the people I'm working with etc. What was I thinking during the event or action? What could have made the situation better? What is my understanding of the situation now? Who else was involved? How did they react? Why did they react the way they did? Did previous experiences influence you during this event or action?
  3. Now What?

    Finally, think about actions you may take as a result of the reflection. Might you change a behaviour? Try something new or different? Or, may be nothing changes as a result of reflection and the status quo is OK. Now what broader issues need to be considered if future actions are to be successful? Now what might be the consequences?

You can find books on Reflective Models e.g. 

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