This is a volunteering opportunity which will bring fulfilment to someone who genuinely desires to serve humanity and possesses an authentic zest for rolling up their sleeves and making a difference! An uplifting music-making project dedicated to the ageing community is in need of Ushers & Attendants.

Isolation and loneliness are two of the fiercest challenges our ageing population face. Using the power of music, Strike-A-Chord enables the Over-50's and Over-60's to overcome these challenges by teaching them how to play the keyboard. Additionally, this uplifting experience fosters togetherness and social interaction.

Strike-A-Chord is a Birmingham-based not-for-profit fun-filled project in which the Over-50's and Over-60's learn how to play the keyboard. This activity fosters togetherness and social interaction, as well as helps the ageing population overcome isolation and loneliness.

Strike-A-Chord sessions are conducted in various locations across Birmingham and have a duration of one hour. A session may have between 3 - 10 participants.

A keyboard is light in weight and can be easily carried by a 60-year old! However, we still need dedicated individuals who will help remove the keyboards from their cases and position them on the keyboard stands. The Ushers & Event Attendants will also assist with arranging the seats and welcoming these precious participants with a warm heart and glowing smile.

Does this sound like something you can do?

Even though this is a volunteering position, it requires sincerity! You will not be expected to attend or serve at every session. However, we would expect that, whenever your schedule permits, you will avail yourself for this life-enriching project. Ultimately, we are hoping to build a team of dedicated, affectionate and wholehearted individuals to be our Ushers & Attendants.

Age Requirements? Whether you are a young person who has a desire to serve the community or a senior citizen who wants to stay busy and enjoys interacting with people, this opportunity is open to all.

More details about Strike-A-Chord can be obtained by visiting our website 

If you believe you will be fulfilled by taking up this volunteering opportunity, kindly send us an email [email protected]  Remember to give us your full name, contact details as well as a brief background about yourself.