If you believe that there is a climate and nature crisis, you must do something about it.

But it’s so huge! What can we do? You have more power than you think – as a citizen, as a worker, as a parent, friend, neighbour, voter, cook, gardener, tourist, customer, in every role you have in society.

Everyone matters – it takes 25% of people to think and behave differently to create a new social norm. So, it’s important to reach as many people as quickly as possible to make the changes needed to address the crisis.

Eco Together is a climate empowerment programme which helps people to find and use their unique powers to make a difference. Its purpose is to help overcome barriers to prioritising, and taking, climate action.

Eco Together is hosted by Transition Town Bath. It is an education-into-action programme delivered through small self-directed groups. Typically, a volunteer gathers a group of 5-10 people who arrange to meet for 6 x 2hr sessions at a frequency of their choosing (i.e. once a fortnight, once a month). The group works through the programme and supports each other in taking on small, self-identified challenges in exercising their eco-powers and making real changes. There is an orientation session followed by 5 topic-driven sessions (Your Eco Powers; Energy; Transport; Food; Resources). Each session is structured and based on well-presented materials developed by environmental professionals. All the required resources and guidance on how to run the sessions can be downloaded for free from the website Participants | Eco Together

The Eco Powers that enable us to create change are: Lifestyle; Community; Advocacy; Communication. Eco Together helps us move beyond a focus on our lifestyle to more impactful action using the other eco-powers.

Organisations can get involved in different ways: By offering Eco Together to their clients; running a Powers Workshop for staff and/or the community; gathering an Eco Together staff group; staff taking Eco Together into their communities; or, getting together with other similar organisations and creating a supportive group of leaders to explore exercising the eco-powers at the level of the organisation.

Dr S Boyle, Eco Together Co-ordinator Birmingham

[email protected] 07914 470 126