Birmingham City Council has been allocated an Emergency Food Assistance and Essential Supplies Grant of £1.9m to vulnerable citizens (children & families and adults) of all ages who are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to COVID-19.

Key principles agreed for the use of the grant: -

• Support only those who genuinely need it
• Not to create a dependency upon the Council to provide food parcels
• Community support infrastructure to be able to respond effectively to local lockdowns and potential second wave.
• Ensure the food and support system is joined up across adults and the children and family offer
• Establish effective advice offer to accompany provision of food and essential supplies
• Connect and be aware of other existing pathways support for vulnerable citizen (Children & Families and adults) of all ages.

The Health and Well Being Cell approved the distribution and governance of the grant. It recognised that there has been significant expenditure to date on food provision, the feedback from key organisations involved in delivering food and support (TAWS, Birmingham Children’s Partnership and BVSC) is that the demand for food and support as a result of Covid-19 remains high because of the financial impacts through increasing unemployment, reduced income levels from being furloughed and impacts once the eviction ban is lifted.
As such it is agreed to utilize the full amount of grant to meet this need and to invest in the community support infrastructure to build resilience and capacity to respond to current need and any potential further lockdowns or further wave of the virus

EA Programme Outline
It establishes two pillars of essential support offer for the vulnerable citizens (Children &Families and vulnerable adults).
At City Level (£1mln out of the £1.9mln total):

• Continue to support the emergency helpline that links citizens into local and community services
• Fund the Domestic Abuse Helpline
• To maintain a supply of emergency food parcels
• Commission enhanced, accredited IAG offer
• Fund a Fareshare Membership
• Expand the BCC Hitachi Vulnerable App to Community Services

At Constituency Level (this is relating to the grant you are applying for). Each constituency will be allocated £70k to be distributed via community grants:

• Neighborhood Network Schemes (NNS) and Early Help Locality Leads have been commissioned to advertise and distribute the community assets grants program, identifying constituency specific priorities and needs. Each constituency partnership will be allocated a community grants pot and an administration fee to run the project

The NNSs / Early Help Locality Leads have been invited to lead on this programme by administering a community grant programme aimed at meeting the needs within that locality. They will be responsible for the promotion and delivery of the community grants program to local community organisations.

• You must complete the accompanying application form.
• All activity which is funded must be consistent with the terms and conditions of Birmingham City Council’s Conditions of Grant. This ensures that public money is used responsibly and without prejudice.
• Your grant proposal must relate to one of the 4 outcomes below:
o Social support
o Volunteers for essential supplies and shopping
o Support with Food/Foodbank
o Enhanced Information Advice and Guidance Offer

Contact Michael Summers on 078 874 269 47 or [email protected] for more info!