As you may be aware on 22nd June, 2023 there is a significant milestone for Black communities – this being 75th year marking Windrush.  This date is significant as it is when many black communities from the British Commonwealth were invited to the UK following immigration legislation of 1948.  This invitation from the UK was instigated to recover from damage of the second world war, thus making this year a significant anniversary for our current black communities that have made Birmingham and the UK their home.

Birmingham City Council are keen to ensure this milestone is marked and celebrated in an inclusive way across the city and we need your help to do so!

A City Council working group have begun to meet to consider how this significant milestone could be celebrated across the city.  In order to make it a success we cannot do it alone and would not want to!  Therefore, we are looking for representatives of organisation to join us in helping us plan an inclusive and successful event.

Our Aim is to: engage and involve ‘the African and Caribbean community,  external agencies and public life individuals who work with the community and advocate for and on their behalf from Birmingham’.

 We are keen to establish from you:

  1. Your views on how we could arrange an event
  2. What support your organisation may be able to offer? (We have a very small budget)
  3. Your thoughts on what a potential event would look like
  4. Any feedback you may have from your communities/citizens around the milestone
  5. Your views on who we could/should consider involving o to any event/celebration
  6. And finally – any knowledge you may already be aware of around other events taking place for Windrush 75.

If you are keen to work with us on this exciting project – can you please contact:

[email protected]

Or alternatively if you wish to speak, please email:

[email protected]  or  [email protected]