We work closely with the NHS receiving referrals from GPs, midwives, social workers and so on to provide support to women struggling with their pregnancy.

The women we support may be alone, struggling with mental health issues, suffering financial hardship, victims of domestic violence, trafficking, or rape. Whatever their story, your help can make their pregnancy a little easier.

What kind of person are you looking for?
You need to have around 5 hours a week to spare, be compassionate and flexible. We’re a multicultural organisation serving a diverse community and need volunteers to match. If you’re bilingual, we can put your skills to good use!

What will I be required to do?
It varies. We befriend women providing emotional support perhaps allaying fears, signposting to the right services, delivering essentials to new mums, attending appointments with them and sometimes we’re at the birth itself if needed. Ultimately, we empower women to make choices that are right for them.

Full training and ongoing support are available. We also need to carry out background checks before you can be accepted as a volunteer with us.

To apply, fill in our application form here or call 0777 668 6855 for an informal chat.