We are looking for Food Activists to join our campaigns for a better food future! The Food Foundation’s Food Ambassadors are volunteers and campaigners with lived experience of food insecurity. We work with them to amplify their voices in conversations and campaigns relating to food insecurity. Food Ambassadors meet top policymakers, do media appearances, attend Parliamentary events and summits, contribute to research, as part of our advocacy work. 

The Food Foundation works with a diverse group of food activists from across the UK, campaigning both in their own communities and on a national level for the right of all people to be able to access healthy and affordable food. 

Our Food Ambassadors have lived or living experience of food insecurity. As experts by experience they use their voices to increase the power of our policy asks, bringing light to the real lives behind research and data.

The Food Ambassador volunteer programme is open to all people with lived experience of food insecurity aged 14 years and up. We currently work with secondary school students, parents and grandparents, students and young working adults.

As part of the Food Ambassador volunteer programme, ambassadors attend events and summits, meet with policymakers, and undertake media interviews. While much of the role can be done in your own community (or even your home), some travel may be needed. We will reimburse travel and subsistence expenses to volunteers in line with our Expenses Policy.

We work closely with each ambassador, providing support and training opportunities to aid them in their roles as food activists.

We also link ambassadors with other organisations to partake in research and focus groups.

The role is completely voluntary and very flexible, but we ask for a minimum commitment of 2 years.

If you are interested in finding out more about this role, please email: [email protected]