I am posting about a young women's mentoring programme called Y's Girls Mentoring programme delivered by YMCA. The age range for the young people is between 9- 14 years old. The programme recruits adult volunteer mentor to support these young people. We are looking for volunteers are eager to make a difference in their own community by supporting girls and young women to be their best. Our website: https://www.ymca.org.uk/ys-girls 

Y's Girls Mentoring programme is looking for adults aged 18 years old and above willing to:

• Support to young women through mentoring by providing a friendly and listening ear.
• Offer One-to-one support, guidance and advice to the mentee on making positive life choices.
• Work collaboratively with mentee’s parents/guardian delivering support to mentee.
• Meet with the young person regularly by planning contact and support sessions with the mentee and engage the mentee in community and social based activities.
• Record and documents support session with young people.


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