What’s involved?
• Leading regular branch planning meetings
• Working with your team to provide exciting and interesting activities for
parents to be and new parents
• Working with your team to plan fundraising activities to help finance branch expenses and support the national NCT movement
• Linking with NCT staff and regional volunteer teams to ensure two-way
communication and make sure everyone is kept up-to-date
• Promoting NCT in your local community
• Recruiting and retaining branch volunteers by enabling a good volunteer

What makes a good Branch Coordinator?
• Good communication skills including being able to listen and problem solve
• Delegation skills and the ability to set priorities
• The ability to organise people
• Enthusiasm and confidence

Being a Group Coordinator is a great volunteer role for anyone who is passionate about making a difference, is organised and is friendly.

Role suitable for someone who lives in one of the following postcodes. B1 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B2 B27 B3 B31 B35 B38 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9

closes December 2021

[email protected]