Bethel Health and Healing Network provide two key services to people in and around Birmingham.

One of our key services is our Doula Service which provides practical and emotional support to vulnerable maternal women in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Our volunteer Doulas play a critical role in providing this service and have a positive impact on each and every one of our service users.

How can I help?
By volunteering for just five hours or more a week you can support maternal women by:
- providing practical support (signposting to further support services, delivering essentials for mother and baby,
supporting mothers at appointments)*
- providing emotional support (allaying fears/concerns, being available to talk, sometimes supporting through
labour and delivery).*

*all volunteering activities will take into account COVID-19 safety measures

- Increased skill set and employability
- Meet new people - our volunteers are from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities
- Ongoing training and support

For more information, contact us on:
Tel: 0777 6686855
Email: [email protected]