Are you a born performer?

Do you enjoy playing music for others to enjoy?

A lot of the people we support really miss the experience of live music, so we are looking for talented musicians to create fun music videos for them to enjoy via our YouTube channel!

From classical to pop, or even some of your own music, we would love to see and hear you play!

We are looking for volunteers who are:
• Comfortable/confident with recording themselves
• Able to record videos on a video/DSLR camera or good quality mobile phone
• Happy to create and edit at least one short music video(s)
• Happy to consent for their video(s) to be uploaded to the Dimensions YouTube channel (online consent form to be completed)

For more details and to apply, please contact us on [email protected] 0300 303 9162 (Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm) or visit