About the Neighbourhood Network Scheme

The Neighbourhood Network Scheme (NNS) is a city-wide initiative funded by Birmingham City Council. The purpose of the NNS is to ensure that citizens aged 50 and over can access community-based support to promote health and well-being and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life while living independently. The NNS aims to do this through better coordination of community-based prevention and early intervention services.

The NNS began in 2019, has been extended for a further year and is renewing and developing its priorities, structures, and strategic vision.

Disability Resource Centre is the lead agency in the Yardley Constituency and is working in partnership with Age UK Birmingham to oversee and coordinate the project. Both partners have a Community Development Worker based in the Ward who have been mapping the activities and services available to over-50s on their patch; identifying any gaps and supporting new or existing groups in developing activities or services that will help fill those gaps. Small grants are available to help with this and training to help build capacity. The Yardley Social Work Team is a key partner in Neighbourhood Network Scheme and the Community Development Workers work closely with the teams to help link them up with relevant activities and services in the area that may be of benefit to older adults.

The Role of Steering Group Vice-Chairperson
The Vice Chairperson has a supporting role to play in representing the vision and purpose of the Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme. The Vice Chairperson ensures that the Yardley NNS Steering Group functions properly, that:
• There is sufficient participation at meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.
• To plan and run meetings in accordance to the governing document (Steering Group Guidance).
• To ensure matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.
• To bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making.
• To facilitate change and address conflict within the steering group.
• To review NNS Priorities and Actions in accordance to the updated guidance document.
• To liaise with the Chairperson, as appropriate, and be a critical friend to the Lead Facilitator.
• Provide support and work closely with the Yardley NNS Team.
• Represent the Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme.
• To effectively communicate the vision and purpose of the Yardley NNS Steering Group.
• To advocate for and represent the Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme at external meetings and events.
• To be aware of current issues that might affect NNS.

Qualities and Skills Required
The Vice Chairperson will have a strong empathy with our mission to ensure that citizens aged 50 and over can access community-based support to promote health and well-being and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life while living independently. They will also have:
• Good leadership skills.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strategic vision.
• Previous experience of working as a Chair or Vice Chair or Trustee in a similar role/organisation or as part of another Steering Group is desired.
• An ability to scrutinise processes and suggest improvements.
• Impartiality, fairness, and the ability to respect confidences.
• Commitment to the Yardley Neighbourhood Network Scheme.
• Ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up.
• Good timekeeping.
• Tact and diplomacy to work with a diverse range of partners and groups and an understanding of the needs of older adults/diverse communities.
• Understanding of the roles/responsibilities of a Steering Group.
• Experience of organisational and people management.
• Knowledge of the operating environment for Yardley.

Time Commitment
The role of Chair requires an estimated commitment of 2.5hrs attendance of the Bi-Monthly Steering Group.
[Maximum 5 hours/bimonthly including Steering Group Meetings]