Are you passionate about mental health advocacy and supporting disenfranchised people? Kinmos are looking for volunteers to become trustees! The board of trustees oversee the direction of the charity and as a trustee you will have an input into the future strategic direction of the charity. We aim to have a board that is representative of our growing membership and anyone can apply who believes they can add value to the charity.

Kinmos is a registered charity and we are committed to the social inclusion of adults with a history of mental health issues, we have members that live across the borough. Our aim is to support our members within the community, enabling them to self-manage their lives throughout their illness and recovery.

Many of our members experience severe social exclusion and isolation, which leads to increased depression and anxiety, and they feel cut off especially since the global pandemic and have struggled to reintegrate into society.

Kinmos is a stepping stone enabling our members to become valued members of the community, and offers a hand of friendship, social connection and support. We do this by offering a range of services in the community, including:

Community Based Activities, Members Events & Forums, Signposting to External Services, Friendship, Social Connection and Group Outings.

Since 1979 Kinmos has provided advice and support to vulnerable and socially isolated people living in Birmingham who have experienced mental health. We take pride in the work we do in the community and over the years we have helped many people remain independent and lead a fulfilling life.

To apply for the role or to find out more about the charity please contact our Service Manager Suzanne Hemming via email: [email protected] 

For more general information about the role of a trustee, please visit the Charity Commission website: 

Trustee Role

The board of trustees are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Kinmos. It ensures that Kinmos’ charitable objectives as laid down in Article 2 of Kinmos’ Articles of Association are adhered to in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Charities Commission.

Each Kinmos Trustee Board member must endeavour to:

• Ensure that Kinmos complies with its Articles of Association, The Charity Governance Code for larger charities, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.

• Understand and commit to the mission, goals and objectives of the organisation.

• Understand and uphold the fiduciary duty invested in the position of a Trustee Board Member.

• Understand the roles and responsibilities of all Trustee Board Members.

• Understand the roles and responsibilities of the senior management.

• To have an understanding of the needs and aspirations of Kinmos’ membership and other stakeholders.

• Prepare for and attend regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

Each Trustee Board member must be prepared to:

• Serve on Board Committees and sub-committees as appointed or elected.

• Provide general advice and assistance to the organisation upon request by the Board members and/or staff.

• Provide reports, materials, and other items associated with Board responsibilities and activities.

• Undertake other responsibilities as requested by the Board, the Board chair, or other officers of the Board.

Each Trustee Board member is required to adhere to Kinmos’ Standards of Business Conduct Policy and Procedure.

Trustees act as voting members of the Board which has full authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of Kinmos and to monitor the organisation’s financial health, programmes and overall performance. To achieve this the Board must ensure that it approves and has oversight of all matters that are reserved for the board, this includes (among others):

• The approval of all Governance policies and the monitoring of compliance with them.

• The approval of a strategic plan for Kinmos and the monitoring and review of adherence to and the effectiveness of the plan.

• The review and approval of Kinmos’ annual budget.

• The review of financial performance and of adherence to the approved budget.

• The review and approval of grant expenditure.