GINA CIC, a Birmingham based organisation supporting individuals subjected so sexual assault, has recently published a new book, To Be A Woman, written by one of their student volunteers.

GINA, a Birmingham based organisation supporting individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse, has recently published a new book, To Be A Woman, written by one of their student volunteers.

To Be A Woman, is an unapologetically authentic exploration of what it is to be sexually assaulted as a university student and the issues facing young women today. Almost heartbreakingly honest and at times funny, it provides a ‘powerful’ insight into the many emotions individuals are subjected to following an experience of sexual assault. Fiercely empowering, maybe it is also a love letter to all women. Initial reviews commented that ‘it de stigmatises conversations about rape and discusses the issues at the root of our society. It captures the essence of what it means to be a woman and everything that comes with it.’

It is written as an older sister, or the friend many individuals subjected to sexual assault may be looking for; the author opens up about her own path through the recovery process in order to make the reader feel less alone and to normalise all the emotions they may be feeling. Written in an informal tone, the book allows the reader to relate to the author in a way that many other resources struggle to be able to do. The book feels more like a hug and a cup of coffee with your best friend, than a book to read. One reader commented that the ‘book was phenomenal…I gobbled it up, I will probably read it through again too to properly absorb it – I got a bit excited to read some passages that I related to so much’.

CEO of GINA, Lucy Hebberts, commented that To Be A Woman “beautifully captures the messy nature of a young woman, navigating the sexual trauma, mental health, sex, friendships and relationships. This book is not afraid to discuss the important stuff and will resonate with young women everywhere. In this book you will discover authenticity, strength and female solidarity. The pages contain trials and tribulations that are reflected within the lives of young women everywhere.”

Not only is the book beautifully written but it also features bespoke illustrations, by another university student, Jemma Third, who has created illustrations to accompany each chapter as well as the cover art, making the book a piece of art in itself.

To Be A Woman is also accompanied by a journal offering readers creative, compassionate and reflective space to explore their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences in relation to the book chapters so they can explore their narrative side by side with the author.

The Student Newspaper in Edinburgh has commented saying that To Be A Woman is ‘an effortlessly heartfelt debut full of encouragement and lessons for this and future generations’. Purchase your copy today on the following link: 

About GINA

GINA is a social enterprise united by lived experience that offers immediate specialist counselling, bespoke products & resources for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse. There are no waiting lists for compassionate, tailored counselling. GINA simply provides support as and when you need it.

GINA’s mission is to support all subjected to sexual violence & abuse in living free, empowered, hopeful futures, whilst challenging beliefs, attitudes and systems that threaten such futures.

All of GINA profits are donated back to the Rape & Sexual Violence Project (RSVP) to help fund their free specialist support services and reduce waiting lists. This means you are creating a world where individuals subjected to sexual trauma can thrive & live the life they desire when you support GINA.

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