For hundreds of years, people have come to Birmingham for work or education with many remaining to forge a new life in the City. The interweaving of existing and new cultures, beliefs and traditions, continues to add interest to everyone’s daily lives; there is always a festival to celebrate!

Gill Gregory was very proud to be Lady Mayoress of Birmingham when her husband, Len, was Lord Mayor of our great City a few years ago. The experience heightened her awareness of the importance of each individual citizen’s story and how their personal histories had affected their lives and, in turn, enriched their wider communities. Gill felt this richness should be celebrated and recorded in such a way as to capture how these influences have become an intrinsic part of our City’s life.

With the announcement Birmingham would host Commonwealth Games 2022, she realised this was the ideal focus to bring together the threads of our diverse City.

With this in mind, Gill created the Threads Together project and was delighted to be joined by Helen McCook, a World-renowned, Birmingham-born Designer & Embroiderer. Gill and Helen, together with the strong support of the Birmingham Commonwealth Association, are looking to engage with as many communities as possible to join them in this innovative and creative art project.

Please help them get off to a great start by answering their simple questionnaire. Your answers will help Helen capture meaningful images of recollections of your home nation along with the memories, hopes and fears of making your life in Birmingham. They can be your own experiences or those recounted by family members.

Using your ideas, the aim is to create a series of printed and stitched one-metre square panels, with one for each of the nations entitled to participate in the 2022 Games. Each panel will depict the nation’s flag and flower along with the special features highlighted and inspired by you, your family, other individuals or groups. Additional panels will represent different aspects of our City’s history and achievements.

By working together using the talents of our diverse communities, the completed panels will be a fitting commemoration of the Commonwealth Games, the City of Birmingham and its people’s valuable heritage links.

If you want to be further involved, and have supplied your contact details, once the designs have been drawn up, you will be invited to “Stitch your Bit”. It can be one stitch or hundreds.

If you have never stitched before but want to, you can be helped to do so.
When completed, the Panels will be exhibited, as a Heritage Trail, across the City.

Anyone and everyone can take part in this project – Absolutely no exceptions!

To do so go to: