Training Manager

  • Contract type: Fixed term 12 months
  • Starting: April 2019
  • Days per week: 4-5 days a week
  • Location: Anywhere in England, with priority given to West Yorkshire, West Midlands, the North West and London
  • Pay: £28,350 – £31,260, depending on experience (plus an additional London weighting of £3480 for those living in London)
  • Reporting to: Head of UK Programmes
  • Application deadline: 9 am Closing date: Tuesday 26 February; Interviews Monday 11 March.


Job Description

Our mission is to support people to run effective campaigns that challenge injustice. We do this by running campaign training programmes that help people develop the skills, confidence and community to change things that matter to them. In our training, we prioritise people from communities directly impacted by injustice. We run two programmes in the UK–a residential campaign training programme and a community-based one.

This role is responsible for the programme management of Everyday Activism, our community-based training programme, and the line management of our training staff. We first piloted the community-based programme two years ago. As it is still a relatively young programme, we are seeking a person who can both manage it and help it to continue to develop and improve. We have learned a lot in the last two years and are continuing to experiment with new approaches. In 2019 Everyday Activism will focus on two main activities:

  • Direct training of people in communities by staff trainers
  • Development of a training for trainers programme that supports trainers to learn how to do community-based training work

One critical piece of work the Training Manager will undertake in 2019 is recruiting organisations we can partner with to train their members or affiliates.

In addition, this role will line manage all of our training staff, who train for both Everyday Activism and the residential programmes. The Training Manager will ensure they do their work well and on time, facilitate conversations about how to improve the programme and support their ongoing development as trainers.

The Training Manager will report to the Head of UK Programmes. The Training Manager will manage a team of three trainers to deliver the Everyday Activism programme. They will also work alongside the Programme Manager and her operations team to deliver the Bootcamp residential programme.

Role Purpose

  • Ensure the successful delivery of the Everyday Activism programme
  • Ensure the organisation is continually learning about and from the Everyday Activism programme
  • Line manage and support the ongoing development of trainers

About You

To thrive in this role you’ll need:

  1. Project management experience. You should have experience managing all aspects of project delivery including project design, coordination of logistics, coordination of project staff, monitoring and evaluation and reporting to senior staff.
  2. Good communication skills. This role will involve lots of communication, both internally and externally. You should be able to write a great email, coordinate with external partners and write a great piece for our newsletter. As a member of a team that produces our UK programmes, you should also be able to communicate effectively and supportively with other staff.
  3. Strong staff management skills. You will line manage the training staff at Bootcamp. You should be able to support them the thrive at Bootcamp and ensure their work is being done well and is delivered on time. Ideally, you would have experience managing team who work remotely and/or are geographically dispersed.
  4. Experience working respectfully in marginalised communities. Our training programmes prioritise those directly impacted by injustice and people from marginalised communities. You should be someone who understands how to work respectfully with and for people on the pointy end of systemic injustice in our society.

It would also be great if you had:

  1. Networks of potential partners. A critical piece of this role in 2019 is finding organisational partners whose members we can help train. You should be someone who is well connected with social justice organisations who work in marginalised communities.
  2. Training experience. This role manages training-based programme and line manages training staff. Although the role does not involve direct training, it would be helpful if you had training experience, particularly experience with experiential, learner-centred training models, so that you can better understand and support the work of the people you manage.
  3. Data management experience. We manage all of our participant and evaluation data in Salesforce. It would be helpful if you had experience working with data management, particularly in Salesforce.

We expect you to be:

  • Aware of how systemic injustice operates in our society (things like economic inequality, racism and heterosexism). We are looking for someone who is excited to be part of a team that is exploring how best to confront those issues both in the workplace and in the wider society.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team. We expect you both to be able to communicate and coordinate effectively with other members of your team and to independently manage your own work, developing and maintaining a work plan for yourself. You should able to work well under pressure, prioritise a varied and fast-paced workload and deliver to deadline. You should be prepared to do some travel within the UK as the role will involve supporting trainers in different parts of the country.
  • Comfortable working in a small and expanding organisation, which means being flexible, adaptable and capable of responding positively to new challenges.  

As part of this role will involve working within marginalised communities, we are keen to receive applications from people within those communities. Particularly refugees and migrants, people who have a mental health condition; people who identify as working class or have done so in the past, people of colour/Black, Asian and minority ethnic people; disabled people; people who identify as being LGTBQIA.

Job responsibilities

Ensure the successful delivery of the Everyday Activism programme

  • Direct training
    • Seek and secure potential partners for our community-based training programme
    • Coordinate administrative support for trainers
    • Facilitate team meetings (which may include travelling to different parts of the country)
    • Get Everyday Activism graduates more involved in our alumni programmes
    • Assist with seeking local sources of funding
  • Training for Trainers programme
    • Recruit and help select people for our training the trainer's programme
    • Manage the logistics of training for trainers sessions
    • Facilitate development of ongoing community amongst trainers in our training programme
    • Support trainers to provide community-based training

Ensure the organisation is continually learning from and about this programme

  • Manage the monitoring and evaluation of the project including quantitative and qualitative data
  • Manage documentation of the work
  • Facilitate the process of ongoing learning being integrated into the project

Line manage and support the ongoing development of training staff

  • Coordinate and conduct observations of staff (which may include travelling to different parts of the country)
  • Ensure their work is completed well and on time
  • Support them to develop and meet objectives
  • Hold regular check-in meetings
  • Support their ongoing professional development


  • Develop and maintain work plans for the role’s responsibilities.
  • Manage delegated budget
  • Assist with writing grant applications and reports
  • Additional tasks as assigned by the line manager