The Roots Programme seek individuals across the UK who would like to take part in our next round of adult exchanges in Autumn this year. This will involve a commitment of six weeks, an hour or less per week that these curious and compassionate people will dedicate to getting to know someone and imparting those bits of their own story that they wish to share with them.

We are looking to support exchanges between adults who seldom step out of their own social sphere and those who feel they are unheard, misunderstood or marginalised within this society.

It’s a simple premise, Roots believe that we can counter our sense of polarisation in this country by drawing people living parallel lives in the same society together, with permission to compare and exchange their life experiences in an enjoyable way. We want participants to think about their identity, their roots, place and assumptions around others afresh.

Join us, tell your story and step outside of your bubble, for the kind, compassionate and connected society we all want to live in.

Contact [email protected] to register your interest.