From Thursday 30th June to Saturday 2nd July, volunteers for FareShare and the Trussell Trust will collect long-life food in large Tesco stores across the UK and Northern Ireland as part of a special Tesco Food Collection to support children and families throughout the summer period.

This is our tenth year of partnership with Tesco for the Food Collection and over the past decade, generous customers have donated the equivalent of 10 million meals worth of food to FareShare! Take part in the food collection so that we can help support the community.

How the Tesco Food Collection works:

You will be directing the attention of customers to the FareShare shopping list as they enter the store. The shopping list helps customers know what types of food to donate to FareShare and it’s based on what our network of charities has asked for. The shopping list is in priority order showing the food our network requires most.

Shopping list:

Tinned meat
Tinned fish (tuna)
Baked beans
Tinned pasta
Tinned fruit and veg
Cooking sauces
Cereal/snack bars
Breakfast cereals and UHT milk
Fruit juice (long life)

On the day:

Arrive a few minutes before your shift starts and make your way to the volunteer station to take over from the previous volunteer(s). If there is no one there, introduce yourself at the Customer Service Desk and tell them you are volunteering for the Food Collection. If you can’t find the Customer Service Desk or your store doesn’t have one, just ask a Tesco colleague for the Duty Manager.

On arrival:

While face masks are no longer a legal requirement in the UK, it is recommended that you still wear one in store.

If you have driven to the store please ensure you let the staff know at the customer service desk to avoid getting a ticket.

Check whether anything you may need to touch at the volunteer station has been thoroughly wiped down with antibacterial spray.

Find the location of hand sanitiser - use this when you start and end your shift and during your shift if you touch your face or mask.

Ask where you can store your personal belongings. Note - there may not be safe storage facilities, so only bring essential items with you. It is advisable that you wear your handbag or only bring items you can keep in your pockets. Tesco and FareShare can’t accept responsibility for lost items.

Let the store know if you will require a chair or have any specific requirements during your volunteering shift.
Find out where the shopping list is displayed so that you can point it out to customers during your shift.

We will be sending a t-shirt prior to the food collection, make sure you bring this along and wear it during your shift.
If you spot the collection point getting quite full – well done you! Ask a Tesco colleague if they can take the stock to the storage area so there is room for more donations.


Once the three day food collection has come to a close, all donated items will go to the nearest FareShare network. The food will be delivered to frontline charities and community groups that support people facing food poverty.

Find out more about the lives you are changing; you can read case studies from the charities we support on our website:     
You can also volunteer at your local FareShare Regional Centre, where you’ll see first-hand how the food you are collecting will make a huge difference to those in need: 

To apply, please visit - Here, you will be able to enter your postcode to find a store closest to you

Choose a three hour shift, and fill in your details. You will then receive a confirmation text & email with full briefing details, and another reminder text 24 hours before your shift starts.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]