Birmingham Sport and Physical Activity Trust (Sport Birmingham) is the Active Partnership for Birmingham and is one of 43 partnerships across England. We work collaboratively with a range of partners in the city to use the power of sport and physical activity to improve lives, with a vision of creating an active, healthy city for everyone.

With the 2022 Commonwealth Games being held in venues across Birmingham, we are uniquely positioned to create positive impact through sport and physical activity, generating personal, social and economic benefit.

Aligned to the CWG Legacy, we have recently launched our new 5 year strategy, 'Uniting Birmingham' and one of our key priorities is to ensure sport and physical activity is inclusive and accessible to all. We will work with local providers to deliver fully accessible sport and physical activity for young people as well as prioritising funding where there is a demonstrable commitment to inclusivity.

As part of our commitment to considering how we engage better with individuals who have disabilities/long term health conditions, Sport Birmingham have signed up as an Include Me West Midlands Supporter. The Pledge is a part of a wider approach which aims to make the West Midlands an exceptional region for disabled people and people with long term health conditions to be physically active.

Tender Application:

Please provide answers to each of the three questions below:

1. Outline your organisation, including previous work that might be relevant to this project. If you have delivered similar projects before, what impact did you achieve through this work and how successful were these projects? Briefly tell us what you learned about planning and managing previous/similar projects that you will apply to this project (Weighting = 25%, 500 words)

2. Outline your approach to service delivery and detail how you will meet all our requirements, as specified above. (Weighting = 50%, 750 words)

a. Outline your delivery model, including partners that you will work with to deliver the project.

b. What resources/capacity/expertise would you commit to the project?

c. Briefly explain how you will monitor the performance of your project and what mechanisms you will use to manage its performance. Explain how you will know whether your activity is making a difference.

d. How will you ensure this is a sustainable model?

e. Please explain how you will ensure that all beneficiaries of your project will be kept safe. Tell us if there is a need for any specific approaches that consider the particular needs of the specific targets groups.

f. How many unique participants do you hope to engage with per week?

g. Please tell us if you have any partners involved in the project, explaining whether their role is strategic (e.g. on a steering group, in an experts group or partnership funder) or operational (e.g a referral agency or venue provider).

h. Please outline what communications and PR activity you plan for your project. Here you should include information about PR activity for promoting your project and its impact. Who are the important audiences and how will you reach them?

As part of your response, you must specifically address the following:

3. Costings: Please provide a predicted breakdown of your costings to align with your approach above. (Weighting = 25% 500 words)

a. Your total cost should include VAT and expenses (if applicable).

b. We welcome applications that incorporate joint funding models.

Assessment Criteria:

All proposals will be independently assessed by a minimum of four people from the project's steering group.

Application Process:

Please submit all applications by email to [email protected] by 17.00hrs on 30.07.2021.

Applications will be assessed over the following three weeks, and all candidates will be informed about the result of their bid via email.

Dependant on the number and quality of applications received, we may invite candidates for further discussion for clarification/scoping purposes and will aim to do this, virtually, during w/c 09.08.2021 if applicable.

Contact Details:

Nikki English 07774337391: [email protected]

Sam Payne 07860132327: [email protected]

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