Talent Match Employer FAQs

As an employer, could you host a young adult for a 6 month paid work placement? Here are some FAQs to answer some of those questions you may have.

Who pays the wage bill?

All Talent Match participants who undertake a paid work experience placement with a host employer will be paid at the national minimum wage by Talent Match Company (TMCo). TMCo will then invoice the host employer to reimburse an agreed percentage of this wage bill which will include NIC.

What is the wage subsidy?

Some roles, host employers and participants will be eligible for a wage subsidy – this means that TMCo will not normally charge the host employer the full wage bill but just a contribution towards it.

What about National Insurance Contributions?

National Insurance Contributions will be included in the wage bill at 13.8%. As the employer, TMCo will do all the administration around NIC.

Do we need to do anything about a pension?

There is no need for host employers to arrange a pension for the employee.

How much do we need to pay?

The contribution you make towards the employee’s salary is calculated according to a range of criteria from the size of your business to the transferable skills available and the likelihood of ongoing employment with your company.

Who pays for annual leave?

Annual leave is accrued on a pro-rata basis.

What happens if the employee is off work sick?

Employees are eligible for statutory sick pay when off work. This will be administered by TMCo. Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide replacement labour at short notice for an employee who is off sick.

What happens if the employee doesn’t turn up to work?

As with any other employee, in the first instance you should phone the individual directly to check the reason for their absence. If you cannot get through to them, please contact TMCo (0121 643 4343 ext 8) and a member of staff will be able to support you.

What can I do if things just aren’t working?

Talent Match participants have been out of work for at least 12 months prior to joining the programme. They will have received a raft of specialist and individual support packages before coming to you for a placement, but we recognise that difficulties may still arise. We encourage you to do all you can to support the employee and to let us know when there are problems so that our Coaches can work with the young adult to help address the issues. This is the first opportunity many will have had to work 30 hours a week and be treated as a valued member of staff – we don’t want it to be wasted. However, we do recognise that sometimes problems can’t be solved and that your business reputation is important. We ask that you give as much, and at least two weeks, notice as possible to TMCo so that we can support you and the young adult at the end of the placement.

What support would we be expected to provide?

As a responsible employer, you will understand the importance of looking after the welfare of your employees. It should be noted that those you recruit through Talent Match may need a more thorough induction process than others who are used to a working environment. Please don’t make any assumptions and take time to make sure the employee understands what is expected of them and what they can expect from you in return. It may be that they require a little more ongoing support in the first month or so than your average new recruit and it is for this reason that we are providing a subsidy to reduce the financial burden on your business of staff support time and lower output. We ask you to support employees as they complete their log book of achievements during their placement and to carry out monthly reviews to manage performance.

What happens at the end of the 6 months?

If the employee is working well for your business and you have the capacity to take them on directly, we will do all we can to support this and will continue to support the young adult for a further 6 months if required. We will ask you to provide a reference for the young adult and we’d also ask for anecdotal feedback on your experience of working TMCo. If you aren’t able to offer ongoing employment, please support the young adult to access alternative opportunities where possible. This may be in your supply chain or with a partner organisation or it may just involve allowing them half an hour at the end of the day to job search during their last month with you.

Can't find an answer or want to speak to a member of our team? Please email talentmatch@bvsc.org or call 0121 643 4343.

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