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Support Worker Job Description
Responsible to: Senior Support Worker
Responsible for: Providing support services including support files, support/care plans and updating property folders.
Hours: 37.5 per week

Qualifications/Experience: Experience in the support of vulnerable adults, homeless people and people with substance misuse needs. Knowledge of welfare benefit and statutory service entitlements for the client group. Experience of working within a challenging housing and support environment. Knowledge of supported housing management.

The support worker will be held accountable for ensuring high standards of support files equally with the senior support workers and auditors. If any files upon external audit is deemed inadequate or fails, then each of the above mentioned will be held responsible.


1. To participate in annual staff appraisals with the Senior Support Worker.

2. In conjunction with the Senior Support Worker to ensure that a staff development plan is followed.

3. To undergo training and supervision by the Senior Support Worker as required.

4. To work in any house within the Service and, if necessary, within other Aspect Services.

Support Work

1. Carrying out individual risk assessments to ensure any risks are identified and referrals to third party support agencies made if necessary.

2. Perform regular welfare checks to ensure safety and well-being of tenants as well as maintaining and developing constructive day-to-day contact.

3. Assistance in sustaining all aspects of the tenancy.

4. Signposting and access community resources and services of particular relevance to the client group for the duration of their stay and beyond e.g. budgeting support; assistance with debt management, support to assist with alcohol/substance related matters.

5. Assistance in claiming/managing housing benefit application and to be responsible, via the Senior Support Worker, for ensuring that service users claim their appropriate benefit entitlements such as ESA/PIP/Universal Credit and that any issues around budgeting and debt are handled via the Support Plan mechanism.

6. Monitoring and signposting for social services care services.
7. Advice and assistance on using equipment within the property and to assist service users in shopping, cleaning and generally organising the day-to-day routines of each house

8. To work with service users according to the requirements of their support plan to review the implementation of all support plans with the Senior Support Worker and service users.

9. To participate in key working and team working arrangements within the appropriate service.

10. To ensure that referral agents understand about the nature of the services provided by the Service and how they are accessed.

11. To work with the Senior Support Worker and service users to implement plans and strategies for independence in both accommodation and social functioning.

12. To work with service users and neighbours to ensure harmonious co-existence and to assist in resolving disputes should they occur?

13. Via the Support Plan mechanism, to identify life and social skills deficits within the service user group and to work with service users accordingly.

14. To provide social and emotional support to service users when required.

15. To get involved in social events with service users which assist them in making and maintaining constructive relationships and networks.

Housing/Property Management

1. Increased inspections and maintenance of the building, including health and safety issues, to address increased wear and tear to the property and facilities. to ensure that the physical environment in each of the service’s houses is managed and maintained to an excellent standard on a day-to-day basis and to assist service users in cleaning and undertaking basic maintenance within the houses.

2. Advice and assistance regarding security of each property by assisting service users with the physical security and safety of their homes and the equipment they contain.

3. Arranging repairs of any maintenance requirement within the properties communal areas including fixtures and fittings.

4. Information and advice to tenants relating to use of communal areas

5. To ensure that access to service properties is strictly controlled where appropriate, given the needs of the client group.

6. To ensure that all service users understand their licence agreement and to provide advice and support to service users and staff on the significance and administration of such agreements where necessary.

7. To ensure supported housing management policy and procedure is correctly implemented.

Project Finance & Administration

1. To maintain daily logs and communication books within the Service.

2. In conjunction with the Senior Support Worker to record receipts and expenditure in the petty cash account.

3. To undertake basic administration at Service level, including filing and correspondence where necessary.


1. Any other tasks commensurate with the grade.

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