About the ACAA:

The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) is an award-winning charity with over 20 years of experience helping Afghan refugees resettle and integrate into British society. We are the only charity in London supporting Afghans with our own premises and we provide services at our centre as well as across the UK to help people rebuild their lives and prosper in their new home country. In 2018 we received the most prestigious award for voluntary service, the Queen’s Award. Our services include ESOL classes, supplementary school, mentoring, internships and volunteer placements, free legal advice, employment workshops, women's support group, social and cultural events, sports activities and Mental Health support.

We have recently opened an additional office in Birmingham.


Working on outreach
To organise fundraising events and initiatives
Providing administrative support
To organise meetings with other charities to build closer relationships
To contact businesses to discuss how to work in partnership
To assist in planning of sessions and events
Essential for applicants to have:

Knowledge of Afghanistan, Central Asian countries and refugee policies in the UK
Experience assisting in fundraising
Creativity and willingness to learn new skills
Ability to work under pressure
Ability to multitask whilst still paying attention to detail
Providing administrative support
Cooperating with different schools and organisations and establishing partnerships
Personal Specification:

Keen interest in sustainable community development
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
What you can gain from volunteering with us:

Work experience with an expanding grassroots charity (future employers will take note)
Leadership qualities (projects are often led by volunteers)
Ability to work with a variety of different people (shows flexibility and work ethic)
Communication skills (transferable to multiple sectors)
Friends! A lot of the people who volunteer are students or recent graduates and so the environment is relaxed, friendly and welcoming.

As the Strategic Development Volunteer position is voluntary, the working hours are flexible.

Please Contact before 31 December