As an activity group lead, you’ll take turns leading the monthly session and support the other activity group leads when it’s their turn to lead. You’ll also socialise with the older people at the activity group, ensuring that everyone feels supported and listened to. The activity group will be at the same community venue and will include older people, activity group leads, drivers, and the activity group coordinator. Activity groups normally last around two hours.

To become an activity group lead, you’ll need to:
Attend a 30-minute online volunteer group induction
Submit an ID check
Provide a reference
Complete online volunteer training modules

Tasks include:
Welcoming older people to the activity group and making them feel comfortable.
Taking in turns with other activity group leads to deliver fun, safe, and inclusive activities that get older people moving.
Following the guidance in the online volunteer training so that the activity groups are safe, enjoyable, appropriate and in line with our charitable aims.

Keeping in regular contact with the activity group coordinator so they know when you’re available to lead an activity.
Reporting any concerns to the activity group coordinator.

Keeping your knowledge and training up to date by reading our monthly volunteer newsletter – Re-engage Matters.