ResourceXChange is a scheme that gives businesses (private, public and voluntary sector) the opportunity to donate resources to under-resourced voluntary organisations. This can include anything from office equipment, surplus products and sports equipment to meeting and office space.

Submitting an offer

If you are a company with resources to offer a voluntary sector organisation please email stephanieb[at]bvsc[dot]org. Voluntary organisations will be able to search these offers on our Community Noticeboard and contact you directly, so please add your contact details - a telephone number and email address.

Submitting a Request

If you are a voluntary organisation looking for some resources, please browse our Community Noticeboard. If you don't see what you're looking for can submit a request by email stephanieb[at]bvsc[dot]org.

Mama Africa Foundation received 7 tables and a pedestal from BVSC. They sent their "sincere appreciation for the office furniture. They are a newly established charity and your support is always welcomed."

Submitted offer

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