What is Pure?

Pure is a service set up to help people with Barriers move towards employment including education and training.


We work 121 with people discuss their goals, agree a plan of action and walk them through it. Each journey is different!

So you are just looking at getting jobs?

NO!!!! If moving forward for someone means them doing a course at present and that is all then that is what we will do! We look at courses, education, volunteering as massive steps for some people.

How are you working with Covid19?

We are doing a lot of support online and by phone where this works for people. We can make socially distanced visits at present, if necessary and all risks will be taken into account.

So who can you help?

We have 4 criteria as below:
People 29 or over
People living in Birmingham Area and legally entitled to work in the UK.
People who identify as having a mental health barrier. This does not need to be diagnosed!
People that are currently unemployed.

How do I refer?

Easy! Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will send you a very simple form to complete or phone you to complete your details.