Apply by June 1st for our most exciting and ambitious Summer School yet. All 7-21 year olds are invited to join Stage2’s return to the stage at The Crescent’s Ron Barber Studio Theatre for our Play in a Week Summer School and Production.

What is ‘Play in a Week’?

It is exactly what it says on the tin. Play in a Week is an incredible opportunity for Birmingham’s young people to rehearse a piece of exciting contemporary theatre as part of a large ensemble cast - all with just a week of rehearsals followed by a performance week at The Crescent’s Ron Barber Studio Theatre.

When is ‘Play in a Week’ and how do you get involved?

All you’d need to do is be able to commit to the following dates BY JUNE 1ST:
Workshop on 25th June, 2-6pm
Rehearsals from Monday 25th - Friday 29th July
Production Week from Monday 1st - Friday 5th August

Further details about the dates and the commitments can be found on our handy show ‘contract’, which tells you everything you’ll need to know.

Then to sign up, you simply email our Artistic Director Rosie at [email protected] to tell her the name and age of the participant and discuss booking (options) with her.

The fee is £100 per participant. However at Stage2, it is very important to us that finance isn’t a barrier for young people to access the Arts. That is why we have a fully functional Subsidy Fund, where people can claim full or part subsidies for any Stage2 activities. In our 34 year history, we have never turned a young person away from any of our opportunities and we are incredibly proud of that.

The play we will be performing is…

Status Update
By Tim Etchell

‘We know facts. We know secrets. We have opinions, we have intuition and we have the stage’.
Status Update is an unflinching and funny catalogue of the things children and teenagers learn, believe and have sussed out about the world. An explosion of adolescence calling on the expertise of young people, the content they create and the platforms they master! From the ridiculous to the highly charged, all these truths and half-truths are laid bare before us, without the safety net of character or fiction.

The play is totally flexible in terms of parts (both in number and size!), and can be edited around the cast to make it a truly unique experience for both the performers and the audience. All performers will be given the chance to tell us what size part they would be comfortable with, as well as any special talents they wish to showcase!

This is just one part of our exciting Double Bill; the other part is being rehearsed throughout the Stage2 Summer Term (which you can still get involved in - just email [email protected] by the 30th April). Both are an opportunity for young people to try out theatre and get onto a stage - for some it might be the first time in two years and for others it might be the first time ever! Play in a Week is a chance for young people to try out something new, meet friends for life and find their voice in the arts.

Want to know more?
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