Participate in our students' educational and professional development. CodeYourFuture (CYF) buddy assists a small group of students on their career journey. There is no assistance with technical homework.

Mentoring relevant to workplace development skills
One to two coaching
Meet with each trainee individually once a month to keep track of their progress and monitor any changes in personal circumstances
Meet with trainees as a group once a month to encourage teamwork

About you:
You would like to play an important role in the personal development of people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
You want to use your skills to make a positive social impact.
You have weekly availability of 1.5 hours (flexible hours) to dedicate to this programme for 6-8 months.
No experience in coding and the tech industry necessary.

About us:
CYF is a non-profit organisation based in the UK. We train refugees and people from disadvantaged backgrounds in full-stack web development. Our work helps to increase diversity in the tech industry with 70 percent of our students going onto further education or successful careers in tech. We rely on volunteers to help run our programmes and keep changing lives.