Approachable Parenting CIC, Closing date: On Request

We are looking for a part-time Perinatal Co-ordinator to join the Approachable Parenting Team, playing a vital role in supporting the delivery of our Super Mums and Safer Beginnings projects. You will administer and organise all activities, from simple activities to more complex plans in order to promote our projects and meet the targets of the projects. Your role at Approachable Parenting will be to act as a delivery partner for the projects and will be expected to work alongside others.

Super Mums:
• To organise outreach events to engage with hard to reach communities. Some travelling to venues will be involved
• To support women on our antenatal and postnatal WhatsApp groups
• Ensure a consistent link with health services, particularly midwifery, health visitors and perinatal mental health pathway (who will also identify and refer women to the project)
• Enable women to seek information, advice and support from relevant services. Signpost them to appropriate services to ensure they get the right services within a timely manner.
• Be able to support and educate parents and improve the resilience, self-esteem and confidence of women
• Improve women’s understanding of the importance of accessing maternal health services
• Increase engagement with other organisations to provide specialist and targeted support
• This role will enable women receiving appropriate and timely health interventions, as well as increased relationships between the BAME communities and services allowing for barriers to access to be explored, understood and tackled.
• Increase confidence of Sparklers and enable them to move into employment or education
• Undertake risks assessments of the venue, provide solutions where applicable for any issues – discuss issues with Approachable Parenting.
• Ensuring project deadlines are met and working with Approachable Parenting to ensure the project is running effectively and to work with our Ehsaas team to meet their outcomes.
• Write reports and feedback back on reaching the KPI’s
Safer Beginnings:
• Attend monthly meetings with all delivery partners in the Safer Beginnings programme.
• Attend one to one meeting with the engagement team where your specific input is required to advance the co-production of content, reach and impact of the Baby Buddy app to communities that you relate to.
• Contribute to the co-production of new filmed, written and policy level content for integration into the Baby Buddy App. Collate stories and create resources that will go on baby buddy app for best practices.
• Disseminate Best Beginnings videos and information to the community.
• Undertaken provided training in the use of Baby Buddy and contribute to critical feedback that enables increased engagement relevant to your service users/community.
• Connect our engagement team with participants relevant to new content creation to enable increased case study development for integration into both the Baby Buddy app and new e-learning modules.
• Support a local cascading of the Baby Buddy app to new users, particular to the specific need of your purpose and community.
• Support the development and distribution of promotional materials to advance the uptake of Baby Buddy users nationally.
• Utilise your specialist knowledge of your specific community/ area of specialism in relation to maternal and parent safety to co-produce content for the Baby Buddy App, Respectful Maternity Care resources and e-learning modules.
• Act as an ambassador to the programme with your audiences, actively contributing to a national increased awareness of the need for safety against violence during maternity and early parenting years.
• Be engaged and active as a contributor to the development of new content, discussions, feedback and case study seeking that is required to advance our aim.
• Be willing to review and critique proposed changes to national policy and guidance relevant to the maternal care pathways of women and birthing people, as required.
• Actively promote the programme and our shared work across our public networks, social media handles, online and face-to-face communities.

• Assist in planning and set up of courses and workshops
• Plan and set up parent workshops to facilitate improving mental health and accessing services

Funding Opportunities
• Promote Approachable Parenting’s services to organisations and communities
• Build links with remote communities
• Work with Approachable Parenting Policies and Procedures
• Assist in raising the profile of AP.

To apply for this position, you will need to send in your CV and Cover letter to [email protected] 

Your cover letter must include why you would be suitable for this job and what skills and experiences you have to determine you as the best candidate for the job.

If you require Further Information, please email [email protected]