The PERFORM research programme is looking at ways to support people with two or more long-term conditions (conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, depression, anxiety and others) to improve their quality of life.

The first part of the study, the PERFORM Intervention Development Study, involves working with people who have experience of living with long-term conditions AND their caregivers, to develop an intervention programme. This will include exercise, alongside other support to manage the conditions and improve quality of life. The researchers think this will help people with long-term conditions to increase their stamina and balance, maintain their independence and to enjoy better physical and mental wellbeing.

To help them develop a programme of support, the researchers want to form a Lived Experience Advisory Group consisting of people with a diverse range of experiences of living with long-term conditions AND family or friends who have a substantial role in supporting them. This group will meet between six and eight times with the research team over an 18-month period to advise on what the intervention needs to include. The meetings will be held at the University of Birmingham.

If you would like to find out more about this project further, please contact the researchers by email at [email protected]  including your contact phone number and a preferred time to call. Or, you can call Paulina Daw from the University of Birmingham on 0759 555 0720.