Benita Wishart

Job title: 
Research and Evaluation Lead (Neighbourhood Network Scheme & Third Sector Grants)
Email Address:
Phone number: 
0121 678 8865

I support third sector organisations in Birmingham which are working with Birmingham City Council on the “Prevention First” agenda which sees community assets and local networks as being key points of contact when citizens or carers need support.

One part of my role is supporting the Neighbourhood Network Schemes (NNS) by sharing learning with them from Ageing Better in Birmingham and other good practice relating to older people, and helping to build their capacity. NNS Schemes are linking up organisations running activities open to over 50s in each constituency, supporting them, developing new activities and linking the local Adult Social Care teams into these opportunities.

The other element is supporting organisations who have been funded through the Council’s Prevention and Communities grants programme. This includes providing support and advice on meeting their grant conditions, and developing ways of measuring impact.