Salary £25,000
Hours: 36.5 hours per week
Enhanced disclosure required.
The closing date is 12 noon on the 14th of May

Community Connectors are responsible for building Early Help (0-25 years) capacity, connections, community agency and resilience within the 10 designated Localities in Birmingham. The role involves building working relationships for Children, Young People and Families across Community, Voluntary and Statutory Organisation (including schools and training providers, Health

The Setting: Birmingham is a youthful diverse and creative city currently delivering a programme of early help support for the young people (0-25) and families across health, education, vocational training & social care. This new ‘Early Help’ programme is being established across the 10 localities, led in part by the voluntary sector – helping to create local networks of support for families where it can be most effective. We are currently seeking to employ a ‘Community Connector’ to assist in mapping voluntary and community organisations in each the Northfield District, and to share this information across all services.

Our vision is one where families, whether they are asking for early help support or are in specialist services, can get support or help in their neighbourhood, and where they can be connected to all the wider opportunities that are available in the city, arts, leisure, sport, recreation.

The post holder will play an exciting role in helping to re-engineer a step-change in community and family-focused support for children and families and the post holder will need to demonstrate a wide understanding of the diversity of the city and an ability to work with all communities.

The Person: We are looking for dynamic and energetic communicators, capable of engaging with key stakeholder organisations as well as vulnerable individuals across defined locality regions. You will need to be digitally literate; with a deep understanding of the importance of inclusivity, equalities, and diversity, able to clearly articulate the delivery of network training to a wide range of stakeholder organisations and positive about change.

Community Connectors are responsible for building Early Help (0-25 years) capacity, connections, community agency and resilience within the 10 designated Localities in Birmingham. The role involves building working relationships for Children, Young people and Families across Community, Voluntary and Statutory Organisation (including schools and training providers, Health Providers, Business and community stakeholders within the Locality Partnership).

What we have learnt in the work so far in the city is that many staff working across the public sector and voluntary sector don’t know what support, or organisations are available in a neighbourhood. The Community Connectors role is to change this situation, and make sure all families can connect to support, help, activities, interests as part of a range of early help support.

This is a key element of our Early Help Programme for Birmingham. Our intention is to enable communities to work collaboratively and seamlessly with all the relevant statutory agencies and third sector organisations to identify early those most in need of support and enabling the most appropriate health, education, vocational and social support & interventions within a localised community setting. This forms part of our vision to apply a family centred and preventative focus in tackling need and inequalities though partnership working.

Key Relationships
• The post holder will engage with all the many and various community and voluntary organisations in a locality
• The post holder will work with all communities in the city, particularly ensuring that the diversity of the city is reflected in the mapping of assets and support.
• The post holder will engage and interact with a broad range of health, education vocational and social care organisations and networks that make up the Early Help Network in their Locality.
• The post holder will liaise closely with the Early Help Lead Community Coordinator & relevant Public Sector services
• The post holder will engage and interact with Youth and Family forums in the locality to help establish community priorities and need
• The post holder will interface with digital self-help and social prescribing resource leads and local stakeholder organisations and individuals
• The post holder will Work closely with the Locality and cross-sector organisations staff teams; and develop mechanisms for cross-connections working
• Supervision and line management will be through the employing locality VCS partner

Community Mapping & Engagement • To map local community assets of all relevant organisations and service providers in the locality
• To translate mapped community assets into a responsive digital network resource, and share widely across the locality
• To enable a fluid and responsive ‘community prescribing’ resource for locality schools and community stakeholders that is easily shared and accessible
• To work with community providers to enable a ‘live’ understanding of community needs and resource capacity as part of a ‘gaps analysis’ of the Early help offer across the locality
• To assist individuals and families/carers to engage with and utilise personal and local community networks to develop solutions to meet their personal aspirations and needs
• Develop an informed understanding of the key issues within the local area for Children Young People and Families
• Consider the impact of safeguarding whilst planning activities for Children young people and Families
• Work with the Early Help teams and networks to develop appropriate volunteer opportunities which help to deliver outcomes of the Locality Partnerships
• To support professionals and staff across the locality to find solutions and support for families, but it is not the role of community connectors to carry a case load or work with individual families.

Training & Education
• To build links and relationship with all services in a locality so that children, young people families can be connected to support, activities, interests in their immediate locality.
• Build close links with and offer training/support to schools, early years providers and education stakeholder groups to ensure that all providers are informed of key community assets and developments
• To work with colleagues to ensure SEND, Social care, Health plans have complementary resources (a community offer) which will build on the child’s needs, harnessing appropriate support from the local community
• To help to identify organisations which need capacity building, funding and or governance support to help them deliver the outcomes of the Early Help Offer through accessing appropriate funding sources
• Develop a regular Locality Partnership bulletin, online, and through all sorts of channels and publicity.
• To work with Community Connectors across the city to staff a ‘request for information’ email and phone number – to respond to professionals asking for connections, (help) for families
• Support the Locality Early Help Leads in developing a community family forum
• Organise community events with Stakeholders which promote the work of the Early Help partnership and share good practice
• Plan and deliver creative and engaging consultation events and activities, to understand and gather information from a diverse range of people on local needs and issues.
• To train and provide ongoing support (keeping in touch) for all professionals within the locality, to understand early help and community support in the local area.

Social Prescribing and Digital Networking

• Enable Families and individuals to access, navigate and engage collaboratively with the support and resources they need including through the use of social prescribing.
• To support the development of an accessible digital programme for social prescribing for children, young people and families with links to existing social prescribing resources
• To work with existing social prescribing activity and frameworks in the city within Primary Care Networks and Older people’s services and help to adapt this for children and families.
• To support the identification of community stakeholders who may be disadvantaged in relation to digital / online access to information and support, and work with the Early Help teams to enable locality solutions
• To support the linking of digital and social prescribing networks to enable awareness of local service provision in health, education and leisure activities for external staff and stakeholders

Administration & General
• Represent the Early Help offer at meetings across Birmingham Children’s Partnership organisations
• Liaise closely with Early Help locality leads to identify priorities funding applications
• To support through lighter touch signposting ‘lighter touch’ families and to administer emergency
• Provide short monthly summary reports of key activities in the locality identifying barriers and successes
• Produce promotional and publicity materials as required
• Ensure that equality of opportunity is reflected in all work programmes
• To undertake necessary training and refresher training to maintain and up-date knowledge required for the role.
• Support the evaluation strategy and identification of case studies which contribute to the monitoring of the Early Help Offer
• To support localities in understanding the needs of the families in their local area
• To support (through signposting) but not to case hold more complex cases. (By holding we mean that a family have an ongoing need, and requirement for support and ‘intervention’ .
The above is not exhaustive, and the post holder will be expected to undertake any duties which may reasonably fall within the level of responsibility and the competence of the post as directed by the Strategic Manager.

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The closing date is 12 noon on the 14th of May