Welfare Benefit and Debt Advice Services

Thursday, 15 August, 2019

Birmingham City Council invites organisations to tender for welfare benefits and debt advice contracts.

The Council are looking to commission independent advice providers to deliver advice services relating to welfare benefits and debt to the citizens of Birmingham, the following contracts are available for tender:

Face to face advice service - Four individual geographical contracts are available (North, South, East, West & Central).

The expectation is that the successful provider would deliver welfare benefits and debt advice services from a minimum of three locations within that specific geographical area. (This could include such venues as GP surgeries, libraries, community centres and/ or Job Centres.) The exact venues would need to be identified by the successful provider and ensure a good spread across the area in order to provide ease of access for citizens of that area. Please note: A bidder can be awarded a maximum of two geographical areas.

Telephone Advice Service - To deliver a citywide telephone advice service (welfare benefits and debt advice) to Birmingham based citizens.

Tribunal Representation Service - Tribunal Representation Services for any welfare benefit that provides an independent right of appeal.

The contracts will all be for 1 ½ years commencing on the 1st October 2019 with an option to extend for a further year, subject to satisfactory performance and budget availability. TUPE may apply.

If you are interested in quoting please click on the following link to access Birmingham City Council’s tender Portal:- https://in-tendhost.co.uk/birminghamcc/ and submit your details to register as a bidder. We will send you a log on and password so you can download the Invitation to Tender document and supporting information; your completed ITT should be returned by 1200hrs on 6th September 2019 using the Supplier Portal.