Tendering opportunity to provide First Aid Training

Buying for Good is tendering on behalf of contracting authorities to invite tenders for the provision of HSE qualified first aid trainers to provide first aid training skills to nominated employees across the West Midlands region.

This includes the potential:- Local Authorities (County Councils, District Councils, Metropolitan District (Borough or City) Councils, Unitary Authorities), Police Authorities, Fire Authorities, Health Authorities and associated health providers, Educational establishments, Registered Social Landlords, Local Authority regulated companies, Central Government Departments and their agencies and any other public sector body located within the West Midlands region.

When using the first aid framework, suppliers will be called off as and when required. Choice of supplier will be based on the needs of the service requester and if that supplier is unable to provide training due to capacity issues, then the next supplier on the framework will be selected and thereon.

Management of the procurement process will be undertaken by Birmingham City Council. Once the framework has been awarded, the responsibility of managing the contract will transfer to Buy for Good CIC, for the duration of the framework agreement.

The requirements are to provide first aid training:

•    First aid at work – 3 day course
•    First aid at work refresher  – 2 day course
•    Emergency first aid at work – 1 day course
•    Paediatric first aid – 2 day course (12 hours)

This contract will be set up as a national framework of about 3 to 4 providers for a period of four years.

Birmingham City Council will commit to utilise the framework and anticipate
spend in the region of £500,000 over the four years, but makes no guarantee
as to the number or value of any orders. Also, by promoting this framework to
other contracting authorities within the West Midlands region, who may utilise
the framework, projected spends may reach up to maximum value of £4

This Invitation to Tender is being issued using the Council’s e-tendering system ‘in-tend’, and the remainder of the procurement process will be managed using this system. Tender documents will be available 24 October 2012 via the in- tend portal.

Organisations wishing to register their interest need to do so by:
1700 hours, Thursday 22nd November 2012.
The Deadline for the return of tenders is noon on Monday 26th November 2012.

Registration and use of in-tend is free. All correspondence for this procurement process must be via the in-tend correspondence function. If you are unable to register with in-tend please email us at cps@birmingham.gov.uk or call 0121 464 8000.

Therefore all tenders must be submitted by via the ‘in-tend’ system via this link: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/birminghamcc