Round-up of useful resources from NCVO

Thursday, 22 February, 2018

Given recent events in the media, NCVO have brought together some information and resources that may be helpful to your management teams and boards.

Safeguarding resources


Whistleblowing resources

One of the issues raised in the Oxfam reports was a culture that prevented openness and reporting. A clear whistleblowing procedure should enable staff and volunteers to freely alert senior managers or trustees to their concerns.

Disciplinary procedures

In the event of an allegation of misconduct anywhere within an organisation, an organisation should be supported by robust HR policies and procedures.

Misuse of funds and financial controls

Although the recent Oxfam story does not allege direct misuse of charitable funds, it is a good reminder of the need for a charity to have robust internal financial controls on expenditure to minimise risk.

Serious incident reporting

All charities are obliged to make a Serious Incident Report to the Commission for certain matters involving:

  • Loss of your charity’s money or assets
  • Damage to your charity’s property
  • Harm to your charity’s work, beneficiaries or reputation

Quality standards

The following quality systems provide frameworks for ensuring the highest standards of governance and management. Do please contact us if you want to work with us to get these standards more widely used among your network.

  • PQASSO – the charity sector’s leading system for ensuring excellence in all areas of charity management and governance.
  • Investing in Volunteers – the UK standard for excellence in volunteer recruitment, management and retention
  • Approved Provider Standard – a specialist quality system for ensuring excellence in mentoring and befriending services.

Of interest to infrastructure organisations:

Policy implications of recent negative media stories

Crisis communication

Constructive news

The Road Ahead 2018

  • NCVO’s annual analysis of the key trends that are likely to influence the operating environment of charities. Our 2018 edition highlights how pressure on public finances is set to continue, with potential implications for charities that rely on public sector grants and contracts, while the ongoing squeeze on disposable household income could have an impact on the levels of donations. NCVO members can access the Road Ahead 2018 full report and non-members can download a summary.