Do you involve your community or service users in developing your organisation? Do you want to understand how your service users can help to improve your impact? Ever wanted to get a research partner on board with your organisation or project? Struggle to understand what co-production is and how you’d benefit? Want to improve your chances of getting funded?

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A webinar series that aims to bring the Voluntary and Community Sector together with people in the research community – matching interests and building collaboration

BVSC and the University of Birmingham will be delivering a series of webinars this Autumn that aim to promote collaboration between the Voluntary and Community Sector and people in the research community.

The series of workshops will demystify the language used by the research community about co-production, co-design and participative research and look at examples where organisations are benefitting from working with a research partner.

Sharing research experiences - Tuesday 20th September 1-2pm

Hosted by BVSC and chaired by Dr Angela Ellis Paine

Hear from organisations about what research means to them, what the benefits and challenges are and how they have worked with academics to do research.

Angela Ellis Paine is a leading academic interested in supporting the development of co-production and service user led research to improve services, their delivery and impact.

Angela will provide an overview of her work and facilitate a discussion of voluntary organisations benefiting from service user involvement in co-production and research.

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Demystifying co-production - Thursday 20th October 1-2pm

Pete Fleischmann, Co-Production Works

Everyone is talking about co-production but exactly what is it? Co-production has become the default term for describing activities that involve  citizens working with professionals to improve public services. Co-production builds on and is related to citizen participation, public engagement, service user involvement and self-advocacy. This webinar offers a short introduction to co-production especially tailored for VCS organisations followed by questions and answers.

Pete Fleischmann is a leading practitioner of co-production. Pete will provide an overview of co-production, how it works in practice and some practical steps VCS organisations can take to share power with people who draw on services.  

Find out more about Pete and Co-production works

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Matching interests and building collaborations - Monday 21st November 1-2pm

Speed dating – an opportunity to attend a live matchmaking event where researchers will share their areas of expertise and interests and where Voluntary and Community organisations can explain what they are looking for in a partner.

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January - TBC

Just like Blind Date or even Naked Attraction (we’re not judging) we all want to hear what happened since the last meeting. We’d love to know if you’ve made a successful match and hear what your plans together for the future are, or if you weren’t lucky on this occasion and still looking.