Opportunity to tender to provide focus groups for Armed Forces veterans

Monday, 11 November, 2019

The deep dive into the health and wellbeing of veterans in Birmingham is part of a series of enhanced reviews forming part of Birmingham’s new approach to its JSNA. It is our ambition that Birmingham is a city where those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families are treated fairly and are able to make a smooth transition into civilian life. We also want the contribution made by those who have served to be valued and understood across the city.

Birmingham City Council is inviting organisations to provide quotations for delivering targeted veteran focus group to engage ex-service personnel in face to face focus groups and to discuss their experience. By seeking views from a range of groups the JSNA deep dive can provide a deeper insight.

The providers are expected to host and facilitate one or more targeted focus groups with specific target groups. The targeted focus groups will help inform our understanding of citizen views and engage citizens in the challenges faced by veterans in the city.

Specific groups for engagement

  • Veterans with physical disability
  • Veterans with mental health issues
  • veterans discharged < 2 years
  • veterans discharged >10 years
  • non-British armed forces veterans
  • female veterans
  • BAME veterans
  • Early Service Leavers
  • Reservists.

The opportunity is currently live on Find It In Birmingham and closes on 2nd January. 


Any queries please contact susan.lowe[at]birmingham.gov[dot]uk