MiFriendly Cities Inaugural Newsletter

Monday, 27 July, 2020

Birmingham City Council has been part of a project called MiFriendly Cities, a West Midlands initiative funded by Urban Innovation Action (and part of the ERDF). We are in the final year of delivery and have created the MiFC Newsletter for interested parties, supporters and participants, to keep you up to date with progress and share our activities. The Newsletter highlights some of the great work our migrant participants have been doing, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, to learn new skills and support our communities.

Promoting a society which is Migrant Friendly, through grassroots action, isn't easy, but you'll read in our Newsletter how the project and participants have been able to share their unique experiences and skills, and contribute economically, socially and practically in our communities and in the broader fight against COVID-19. The newsletter is hosted here: https://mifriendlycities.co.uk/resources/

We hope you enjoy the read and are inspired by the stories and activities featured in it. To get in touch about the newsletter please contact: dawn.x.murray[at]birmingham.gov[dot]uk