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Monday, 11 February, 2019

Our Moseley Loves campaign was dreamt up by our lovely colleague Alice, responding to the dark days of winter that are no longer spiked with the joy of Christmas fever.

As the team at Moseley Exchange, the base for the Moseley Community Development Trust got brainstorming it filled our minds with exciting plans, workshops and kindness. To try and wipe away the gloom of February, that final slog of winter and bring the community together. Hoping that our mission may last a month, but the longstanding outcomes would be much bigger.

February can be a hard month, so we are striving to bring warmth and brightness in the form of kindness, love and care.

We are running the #MoseleyLoves campaign across February, encouraging people to:

  • Care for the environment (i.e. upcycle, litter pick, recycle)
  • Be kind to yourself and others (i.e. activities for your health and wellbeing, exploring new interests, getting to know neighbours, random acts of kindness)
  • Love where you live (taking opportunities to get involved and see Moseley through new eyes)

Ultimately, it's about creating a kinder place to live through increasing engagement and activity across Moseley.  Over the course of the month, we will have various pop-up activities running but also want to use it as an opportunity to showcase existing work.

The festivities began on February 1st when the Moseley area was ‘love bombed’ by a group of Moseley exchange workers and volunteers. Treats and merriments were shared with local residents on the high street and even a bus shelter got a love-themed makeover.

Over the month we are inviting donations of warm clothes to be given to the vulnerable, plus we have a food bank drop off spot. We are encouraging donators to write a little note on their gifts, to remind the receiver in a personal way that people do care. We have received gorgeous home knitted hats, that really do express that tender loving care.

Our co-working space has been spruced up with changing flowers, messages or encouragement or random acts of kindness. Keep your eyes peeled for pop up treasures in the local area too.

There are plenty of organised events to engage with, from pet therapy walks, natural crafts to photography stalls that invite the participants to look at the space in which they live with new eyes. Mind and body is covered with free taster sessions in Yoga and Pilates. We have utilised already existing groups like the Women’s Institute, a new swap shop and Moseley and Kings Heath plastic free group.

Just the planning has brought people together from photographers to crafters to yoga groups. It has been exciting to put together such a fun and varied line up of activities that highlight the talents Moseley harbours and we hope the essence of the campaign will bring the community closer long-term’ Rhiannon Simpson

We will host a community party on February 23rd where there will be cake and entertainment and a group art project that will allow attendees to make treasures that will brighten up a forgotten space on the Highstreet. Please do pop along!

More information and the programme can be found at www.moseleyloves.com, on Facebook Moseley Exchange & Positively Moseley and Kings Heath.

Twitter @PositivelyMKH @moseleyexchange.

#MoseleyLoves is actively encouraged to be used by those who engage.