Could you put on a Permission to Smile event? 

Thursday, 9 January, 2020

Local organisations are invited to partner with the Permission to Smile campaign to put on events to stimulate friendliness and community in their patch.  

Successful Permission to Smile Tea Parties have been well attended, the high profile 'brand' acting as a clear draw.  Aided by more banners placed locally, letters of invitation - on Permission to Smile letterhead, but as from the local organisation (church, school, surgery, community centre etc) - are delivered to local streets.  On arrival at the Tea Party, guests find a table reserved for their own street so that near-neighbours get to meet each other - and these groupings are then encouraged to be the nucleus for starting a Street Association.  This gives a perfect ongoing framework to galvanise community spirit through things like a barbecue, quiz night or Christmas party, just for one's own street! 

To find out more, take a look at the six-minute video here and/or contact Martin Graham at martin[at]permissiontosmile[dot]org or 07931 282716.  Together we can crack loneliness and build a friendly, supportive, city in each of its localities.