Could you host a satellite event and help get more women's voices heard?

Monday, 13 August, 2018

We have teamed up with the Fawcett Society and West Midlands Women's Voices for the Making Devolution Work for Women in the West Midlands project and we would be delighted if you were interested in holding a satellite event as part of the project.

The project developed out of the fact that women's representation in the West Midlands Combined Authority was extremely low - just 1 out of 30 people who can vote on WM policy is a woman. As such, the project aims to have women's voices heard in policy decisions in the WM.

We held the first workshop last month, where we had over 60 women meet and discuss what it is like to be a woman in the West Midlands, particularly focusing on transport, skills and employment, and care. I have attached the research report and infographics that were discussed.

We are looking for organisations and individuals who may be interested in hosting satellite events so that we can reach as many women as possible. The aim of the event would be to get a group of women together and get their responses to the research, as well as their opinions on transport, skills and employment, and care in the WM, as well as other topics they think are really important to women in the WM. We are aiming to hold a second workshop at some point in the Autumn, so it would be great if you were able to host an event over the next couple of months.

We would be able to provide:

  • The research report
  • Infographics
  • A facilitator guide (if needed)
  • £40 to cover refreshments
  • Ongoing support and advice for organisation
  • We may also be able to provide a member of our team to go along to the event if you think it would be helpful (dependent on availability).

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact Andrew Bazeley on andrew.bazeley[at][dot]uk or 020 3598 6154.