On the 10 February 2021, as part of the national Ageing Better programme, volunteers from Birmingham took part in sharing their learning around micro-funding through coproduction.

The two volunteers Vimla and Sharda, are both active members of Ageing Better in Birmingham's coproduction group 'Age of Experience' and have either received funding or sat on the panel for the programme's micro fund. The Ageing Better Fund is aimed at Birmingham's grassroots community groups and groups of neighbours coming together to help socially isolated people over 50 connect with members of their community. Groups of people can apply for up to £2,000 to start a new activity in their area. More information about the fund can be found on Ageing Better in Birmingham's website here:

The webinar was part of Stronger Together: a co-production webinar series with Ageing Better programmes across the country. Ageing Better in Birmingham and Bristol Ageing Better shared the importance and value that micro-funding through co-production can bring to community groups.

The webinar featured the ways in which funding recipients and fund panel members from both cities were able to link together through a range of co-production methods. Those involved shared different experiences and perspectives, answering questions from a live audience.

It also features a Q&A at the end. More tips and helpful resources to support a co-production approach will be made available within the national online toolkit which will launch in April this year.

Watch the webinar on "Micro-funding via Co-Production: How small grants enhance community groups" here:

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