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Become part of a growing network of voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSE) sector organisations in Birmingham.

BVSC Membership

Membership is FREE and is open to all VCSE organisations working across Birmingham.*

To become a member click the link below where you’ll be asked to provide information about your organisation (including any charity or company registration numbers), as well as details of your services and beneficiaries.

Firstly CHECK THIS LIST to find out whether your organisation is a current member of BVSC.

If not, you can sign up by following this link: JOIN BVSC


Membership benefits

As a member you'll you'll enjoy a number of benefits:

* Organisations undertaking party political activity will not be eligible to join BVSC.
** Our current Membership benefits are guaranteed until 31 March 2020.

2018 Cleanse

In 2018 BVSC conducted a major cleanse of its membership database. If you didn't refresh your membership during that period your membership will have lapsed and you'll need to re-join.

Membership Criteria

To become a BVSC Member, you must support our vision, mission, and values:

  • Voluntary action as a positive force for social change, contributing to cohesive, diverse and sustainable communities;
  • Equity and social justice, and in tackling inequality, discrimination, and poverty;
  • Birmingham's diversity as its key strength, and in all communities having a voice and access to excellent opportunities and services;
  • Effective consultation, collaboration and partnership across all sectors to achieve mutual goals, thus improving the quality of life for local people;
  • Challenge, risk-taking and innovation; Working towards providing ethical and environmentally friendly resources and services.

BVSC reserves the right to refuse membership to any organisation it believes to be ineligible.

Any information we collect will be in held within the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Not eligible for membership?

We encourage any individuals or organisations who are not eligible for membership (ie. private companies, individuals, statutory or health sector institutions) to keep in touch by signing up to receive our weekly e-bulletin.