• Duties and Responsibilities

    Practice-based work
  • To deliver training to health care professionals about DVA in participating general
  • To promote awareness of the experiences and needs of women living with or escaping
    DVA, particularly in relation to their health
  • To develop a good relationship with all general practice staff and work effectively as part
    of the practice team.

    This includes:
  • provision of systematic support to the primary care teams of participating general
    practices, including meeting with individuals and small groups of clinical and
    administrative staff
  • Working closely with practice champions in each practice
  • Attending relevant meetings
  • To further develop effective assessment and monitoring procedures and ensure that
    clear accurate records are kept and maintained
  • To review number of advocate referrals made by clinicians in participating general
  • To feedback on the use of the electronic template linked to the project (HARKS) and provide patient feedback and case updates /outcomes

Advocacy and support service

  • To provide support to women experiencing DVA referred or signposted by primary health
    care clinicians from participating practices
  • To provide direct casework support, advice, information and advocacy to women
    experiencing DVA through telephone contact, and/or meetings at the relevant practice
  • To work with women experiencing DVA to increase their personal safety (and that of any
    children) and inform them of their rights and options in terms of housing, legal and
    welfare rights
  • To develop good working relationships and liaise with outside agencies when needed.
    This will include referral to colleagues within the specialist agency, to other specialist
    DVA services or other external agencies when appropriate
  • To keep accurate records of all work done with or on behalf of clients and produce
    written reports as requested, including a monthly report of referrals from clinicians
    participating in the IRIS programme and the take up of these referrals advocacy
    including outputs and patient outcomes
  • To contribute to monitoring and evaluation of the project.
    Administration and Monitoring
  • To work within BSWA’s administrative and financial systems
  • To keep accurate records of financial transitions in line with BSWA’s procedures
  • To ensure that Health and Safety records are kept up to date
  • To monitor and evaluate the service, via various methods including feedback from
    service users
  • To contribute where appropriate to the preparation of returns for funders


  • To ensure that all staff team members are aware of any matters that are relevant to the
    welfare and security of the staff, volunteers and service users by:
  • Maintaining BSWA communication records
  • Following safety procedures
  • Attending team meetings
  • To attend in-house training
  • To attend support and supervision sessions with your line manager
  • To develop a professional working relationship with external agencies
  • To be involved in the Annual Review process
  • To participate in multi-agency work, including delivery of training and awareness sessions, as agreed with your line manager
  • To promote awareness of BSWA services and the impact of domestic violence on
    women and children
  • Training:
  • To identify and attend training relevant to the post in agreement with your line manager
  • To participate in the development and annual appraisal of a personal individual
    development plan with the line manager
  • General:
  • To work within BSWA policies and procedures and demonstrate a commitment to the
    values and ethos of BSWA
  • To work within BSWA’s framework for equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory
    practice and offer an equal service to all women, children and young people regardless
    of age, class, culture, language, race, religion and sexual orientation
  • To maintain the confidentiality of women and children using the service and in all matters
    relating to the organisation
  • To work within BSWA and local multi-agency safeguarding procedures.
  • To maintain an awareness of the issues surrounding domestic violence on a national and
    local level
  • To ensure the efficient use of resources at all times
  • To undertake any other duties required by BSWA, which may arise incidentally, develop,
    or be assigned commensurate with the post

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