We are looking for a volunteer who has some experience with onsite and individual giving schemes, preferably in the heritage or cultural sector to help us make the most of our existing schemes. We are an historic gardens site in east Birmingham open to the public all year round and running more than 100 accessible events and activities with an inclusive welcome. 

About us

Castle Bromwich Hall & Gardens Trust owns /manages 40 acres of nationally significant and beautiful- historical Park and Gardens within a built-up urban area in East Birmingham.
The prime charitable mission of the Trust is to restore and maintain this GradeII* Park and Garden in all its Baroque glory and to provide access for the benefit of the public.

We support that goal by opening to the public all year round and by creating accessible events and activities with an inclusive welcome.
We are a small heritage attraction attracting regional, national and some international tourists. But our focus is equally on our surrounding local communities. 80,000 people, the majority of whom are within the top 10% of national figures for social and economic deprivation, live within a 20-minute walk of the gardens, which have been open to the public for 40 years, serving local people with a place of welcome, relaxation and healing through nature.

Access to nature, leadership in green sustainability and encouraging cultural and creative activities are all core to our values and mission. With an eye to both local need as well as regional audiences we have a strong focus on affordable and attractive family friendly access, running over 100 activities and workshops per year across all age groups, providing quality nature, creative and arts-based, leisure, wellbeing, and learning experiences.

Supporting the goals

The Gardens Trust, although in existence for nearly 40 years, is now a fully independent organisation, getting no core funding. Nor does it have any endowment funds to support long term stability ( although that is a goal).
The costs of maintaining, protecting and sharing such a costly heritage site are always growing and although we have diversified our income streams and they are bringing in more money for the Gardens, such an historic place will always need grants and funds from elsewhere.

As part of our social mission we were able to continue providing a service during and after the pandemic and now we are trying to survive the economic recession. Although we have lots of loyal and supportive users, visitors and friends we are not currently co-ordinating our onsite and individual giving as well as we could.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and imaginative volunteer who has some experience with onsite and individual giving, preferably in the heritage or cultural sector.


The objective of the role is to generate further income for the Trust through supporting, co-ordinating and making the most of, a small range of individual giving schemes including, but not limited to, GiftAid (entry and donations), our Birmingham Community Lottery site, helping launch our Tree Guardians scheme, promoting legacies and other forms of individual giving.
The Gardens small team always works in a mutually supportive manner, so although this role is specialised and focussed, the work is not isolated; teamwork and cooperative decision making is assumed.

Tasks of this role might include:
Supporting staff, volunteers and trustees in their activities to raise funds.
Managing and further developing existing schemes to make them efficient and productive.
Identifying new opportunities.

Producing (social) media materials which encourage members of the public to financially support
Gathering data and ‘good news’ stories to support a variety of fundraising channels.
Encouraging members of the public to commit to making legacy arrangements in favour of the Society.
Administering and improving donor and funding database.

About you:

We do not expect you to be a professional fundraiser, this is a volunteer role!
However some of the following skills and areas of knowledge are likely to be in your make up. Support will be happily given and shared to increase your skillsbase.

You have an understanding, even if basic, of heritage and cultural heritage charities and at least some of the following
You have experience of individual giving/community fundraising, either through your work or previous volunteering
You have a general understanding of corporate fundraising
You are familiar with JustGiving, Google non-profits ads and/or and other online donation platforms
You can write clearly and concisely
You have a passion for and an understanding of what makes the community tick
Basic design skills and experience of Canva or other visual …
You’re reliable and able to work

Days, hours, outcomes and place/mode of work are all negotiable but a commitment to at least an initial six month period is requested.