We are Inclusive Sports Academy, a Company Interest Company based in the West Midlands, that provides sports and wellbeing services to a range of audiences that are vulnerable and/or living with a disability. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that everybody should be given the chance to be included... no matter their ability.

We currently have a vacancy open for a new and exciting role to mentor/PA some of our participants. This role will have a number of different responsibilities, such as;

  • Getting the individual socialising: Reducing isolation and allowing them to have someone outside of their immediate circle to do activities with and confide in is massively beneficial for their emotional and mental state.

  • Get them active: Help increase their fitness and mobility through exercises and equipment that will be provided by us.

  • Help them try new and exciting things: Getting them to try activities outside their comfort zones, or maybe allowing them to try something that their carers may not be able to do with them.

  • Giving them a change of scenery: Getting them out and about and allowing them a change in surroundings that they may have been confined within during lockdown.

We are looking for someone who can be flexible and inclusive in their approach to their work. You must be prepared to react and provide assistance to an individual with a disability- this can range depending on the individuals that you are assigned.

Hours and days may vary throughout the week and are quite flexible - all of this can be discussed and negotiated, as can the rate of pay that will be above the National Minimum Wage. This role would be perfect for someone who is available during out of standard school hours.

Experience in sectors such as health and social care, youth work or sport would be extremely useful- but not strictly necessary. We need a friendly, punctual and approachable individual that will represent us and deliver our services to the highest standard. We also want somebody who our participants WANT to spend time with, so an enthusiastic approach to every session is required- this may be the only socialisation that the individual gets all week! As well as this, someone who the individuals' parents and carers will be comfortable and confident to leave their loved one with. An optimistic and caring approach to the role is required; and an understanding of our six company values; Inclusivity, Respect, Positivity, Loyalty, Partnership and Good Stewardship.

If successful, a DBS check must be carried out for the safety of our participants.

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Please email your CV and contact details to [email protected] to apply, or alternatively call 07743713161 if you have any questions.

Closing date: 31 January 2022

We look forward to hearing from you.