Community Foundation will provide young people with the opportunity to gain NMW paid work for 4 weeks in the hospitality sector. You will also gain skills and knowledge to help with future career directions and understand the job market.

Who is it for?

Young people aged 16 – 25 years old. You don’t need any prior qualifications, skills or experience. Just need a positive “want to do/can do” attitude. You need to be available for 10 weeks to take part in all the workshops and paid work.

What are the dates for the Scheme?

We will have 3 groups running for 10 weeks in total. This will comprise of a 3 hour group workshop in the afternoon once a week for 5 weeks. Participants will gain knowledge on the different aspects of the world of work in a creative and fun environment.

The work opportunity is for 4 weeks for 4 hours a day totalling 16 hours per week. We can offer a choice of work placement dates between June- September 2023.

The induction day will take place on Tuesday 14 March and the first group will start the workshops from 25 April 2023.

The second group will start in July 2023 and the third group will start in August 2023.

Salary & expenses

Participants will be paid to undertake the 4 weeks work placement on a living wage of £10.42 per hour and can also get £50 for expenses such as travel, clothing, lunch and other training needs.

Number of participants

This scheme will have 15 people per group with a total of 45 young people in the 3 groups.

Benefit for participants

Benefits for participants include:

Meet new people, learn new skills, increase your motivation and confidence and earn your own money.

Increase in knowledge - work experience increases young peoples' occupational knowledge and understanding of the skills, attributes and qualifications required.

Breaking the cycle - many young people find themselves in a situation where they cannot get a job because of lack of experience so taking part in a work placement gives them this valuable experience.

Improvement in communication skills - work placements help young people to gain experience in working with people, enhancing their social and communication skills.

Economic development - work experience contributes to economic development within the local community.

Improve competitiveness - work experience opportunities can help industry to remain competitive.

Co-production – help shape the scheme to suit your needs, complete training to suit your needs, raise your voice and feel a valued member of the programme.

How to register?

Send your latest CV to [email protected] and we will contact you to register on to the programme. Deadline for application is Friday 3rd March 2023. We will be recruiting on a rolling basis as we get applications, so once the quota is filled there will be no further recruitment. First come first served.