Ark is an education charity that exists to make sure that all children, regardless of their background, have access to a great education and real choices in life.

While each Ark school has its own ethos and character, all schools draw upon the same principles – Ark’s six pillars – in support of Ark’s shared mission to transform lives through education.

The governor recruitment process follows the principles set out in Ark’s diversity and inclusion statement, with the aim to ensure our Local Governing Bodies are representative of the local communities served, and have a diverse range of governors appointed: “We aim to build a diverse and inclusive organisation where everyone – staff and students – can do their best to work and achieve their full potential. We want to reflect and represent diverse perspectives across the organisation because we know that doing so will make us strong and more effective”.

The role of the Local Governing Body: 

Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) provide strategic input into individual school plans and priorities, embed the school’s ethos and values, and monitor alignment of school processes and reporting with overall strategy and policies. They are responsible for localised challenge and support, but do not have legal liability. LGBs also contribute to local stakeholder engagement with staff, parents and the community.

The Ark Schools Decision Making Framework outlines where responsibility and accountability sits for the key functional areas within Ark Schools between the ‘tiers’ of governance.

The role of an Ark-nominated governor:

Ark-nominated governors play a crucial role on Local Governing Bodies at Ark Schools. Through bringing their own unique skills, experience and connections, they challenge and support the school to ensure that every pupil, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to succeed. Through the review and monitoring of educational and financial plans; the curriculum intent, implementation and impact; teaching and learning; audit reports and risk assessments, governors can support improvements and initiatives at the school. Governors should also contribute to this aim outside of LGB meetings. This can be through school visits, attending school events, sitting on governor panels and taking on a Link Governor role in an area such as Safeguarding, Inclusion or Finance.

By volunteering your time, you are making a positive contribution to the school’s success, and having an impact on the lives of our pupils, teachers and the local community. Your role as an Ark-nominated governor can help you to develop transferable skills that are useful in your working life. Through being a governor, you will also have opportunities to raise the school’s profile and celebrate its successes within the local community. 

Appointment and Induction

Ark-nominated governors are appointed by the Director of Governance in conjunction with the LGB Chair and are provided with a structured induction and ongoing support by the Ark Schools Governance Team.

Ark governors are appointed to a three-year term of office and commit to attending at least four two-hour LGB meetings each year, attending training and development sessions, as well as making contributions outside of meetings such as attending events and serving on panels.

All Ark governors are required to adhere to the Ark Governors’ Code of Conduct, undergo an enhanced disclosure DBS check and to make an annual Declaration of Interest. This may require a governor to withdraw from specific discussions where they, a partner or close relative or associate stands to gain or where the governor is so close to a matter being discussed that it will be difficult for them to be impartial.

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